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9 Reasons Why You Should Hire Skylark Media Consultants

Besides the fact that we’re nice, fun and cool people, here are a few reasons why SMC is the best social media marketing team for the job:

1. We offer more than just social media, we will blog for you too.

Our content is not limited to 140 characters. We will write at least two 500-word+ blog posts per month and distribute them across all of your social media platforms. This will help drive traffic to your website and boost your rankings in Google and other search engines.

2. Our blog posts are optimized for search engines (SEO friendly!).

We are current on SEO best practices and will ensure your blogs perform well on social media and in search results. In fact, we are certified SEO professionals, licensed by the independent SEO certification organization SEOcertification.org.

We use tracking software to identify high traffic-volume search terms (popular phrases people are typing into Google) and will design your content to answer or address these phrases, which will help drive traffic and increase audience reach.

3. We don’t just post to social media, we collaborate with clients to create comprehensive social media marketing plans.

You can use these marketing plans to fuel other marketing and advertising efforts and to train your staff, ensuring your marketing strategy remains consistent across various channels.

4. We guarantee immediate email response time.

We will respond to all emailed requests within 24 hours. Quality customer service is very important to us.

5. We provide individualized attention.

We won’t farm out your postings to an intern or outsourced company abroad. Each of our clients receives their very own experienced account manager, with whom they can communicate with directly. All of our work is done in house.

6. We provide daily social media postings, guaranteed

We will post to social media 7 days a week; not just on weekdays but on weekends as well! We will post on up to three different platforms (more, if deemed necessary) and will work with you to identify which platforms make most sense for your industry and brand.

7. Our rates our extremely reasonable.

Effective social media marketing takes time. Unless you are a celebrity, your brand will not become a success overnight. Most brands with successful social media programs spend anywhere from 5 to 20 hours per week on their social media. Thus, in order to ensure  success, our social media management packages start at five hours per week (20 hours a month) and increases from there.

8. We present clients with detailed reporting and work summaries.

We provide clients  with monthly performance reporting as well as thorough work summaries.

9. We’re honest.

Social media isn’t going to work for everyone. There are some industries where social media is simply not a good fit. If your business falls into that category, we will recommend other marketing channels that may be more suitable (such as search engine marketing or traditional advertising). We will be honest and upfront with you, even if our honesty results in us losing your business. We only take on programs that we are 100 percent confident we can help.

We will also turn down clients whose industries may be in area that fall outside of our expertise. In order to act as an authority on your behalf, we need to be extremely knowledgeable  in your subject areas. This is not always possible for clients whose industries are highly specialized or technical. We will let you know if this is the case and will refer you to a social media consultant who specializes in your field. Read our blog Why You Should Hire a Social Media Company that Specializes in Your Industry for more information.

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