Workshop Series: Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Yesterday I had the good fortune to meet several local businessmen and women and entrepreneurs during the two-hour long workshop I gave on content marketing.
Some of the topics we touched on included:
* What is a blog and why every business needs one
* How content marketing is a secret weapon for small businesses
* Free tools and resources small businesses can use to get started
* How to develop an effective content marketing strategy
* What sort of content is most likely to generate leads
Content marketing workshop in Las Vegas
Because the group was small, we were able to have a nice discussion afterwards. Several people chimed in with helpful topic ideas for one another’s businesses, which was great. I love it when impromptu brainstorming sessions happen. In fact, it’s one of my favorite parts about teaching.
You can view the entire presentation below:

Reannon Muth is the founder and owner of Skylark Media Consultants. Prior to starting her own social media marketing consulting firm, Reannon worked as a freelance travel writer and the  Director of Content Development for a leading internet marketing company. She currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can follow her on Twitter @afineskylark

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