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Why Small Businesses Should Hire Social Media Companies that Specialize in Their Industry

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Many social media companies or private consultants do not have a specific industry they specialize in; preferring instead to be “everything to everyone” and taking on clients from a  wide range of industries and disciplines. While this makes sense from the marketing company’s point of you (the wider you caste your net, the more clients you’ll hook), it can be detrimental for small businesses in niche or highly technical industries.

Why Your Social Media Company Should Specialize In Your Field:

While no outsourced consultant will ever know your company, product or industry as well as you do, an outsourced consultant who specializes in your unique industry is a big step ahead of those who don’t. Social media marketers who have experience marketing to your target clientele or who have an educational or professional background in your field will be able to target your demographic more effectively and inefficiently. Nothing beats first hand experience.

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Important Questions to Ask Before You Hire:

While many companies claim to “specialize” in a number of fields, this can mean very different things to different people. It’s important to investigate further to find out what industry-specific credentials or experience level the consultant has before you sign a contract.

1. Have you worked with any companies in my field before?

2. What experience do you have marketing to my target demographic? Can you provide examples?

3. Does my account manager or any of the other marketers working on my program have any experience working in my industry?

4. What specific social media platforms perform best for businesses in my field?

5. Who do you see as my top competitors on the social web?

6. Who are the top social media influencers in my industry?

7. What is the biggest social media hurdle businesses in my industry must overcome in order to be successful in social media marketing?

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A social media consultant who is a true expert on your industry will immediately know the answers to these questions and won’t hesitate to answer them.

What If my Social Media Consultant Doesn’t specialize?

If the social media consultant you’ve hired does not have documented experience in your industry, it would be wise to find out how the consultant plans to mitigate this. Ask them how many hours of industry research they plan on conducting prior to launching your campaigns. Ask to see a strategy (in writing) that includes personalized and industry-specific marketing goals and tactics. Find out if they plan on hiring a writer with a background in your industry to produce the blog content or any technical infographics, ebooks or webinars you may need. This is important, because while the account manager does not necessarily need to be an industry-expert, the person producing the technical copy should be.

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What Skylark Media Consultants Specializes In:

We specialize in content and social media marketing for the following industries:

  • Travel, tourism and hospitality
  • Nonprofits
  • Culinary arts
  • Las Vegas small businesses


Reannon Muth is the founder and owner of Skylark Media Consultants. Prior to starting her own consulting firm, Reannon worked as a freelance travel writer and the Director of Content Development for a leading internet marketing company. She currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.