Social Media Consulting: In Person or Over Skype

Whether you are new to the world of social media media marketing and don’t know
where to begin or are simply looking for someone to evaluate your efforts and identity which areas could be improved upon, we can help.

Social media consulting in Las Vegas
Our founder, Reannon, conducting a social media training to Las Vegas business owners.

Social Media Consulting: In Person or Over Skype

Some of the social media consulting services we provide include:

  • Social media overhaul and a needs assessment—We will examine the progress you’ve made on the social media networks you already have set up and will provide tips for how you can boost engagement and increase ROI while keeping within your time restrictions and budget. We will also advise on what (if any) new social platforms you should be operating in based on your target audience and industry.
  • Social media marketing strategy—After a thorough evaluation of your website and social media platforms and after an in-depth competitor and industry analysis has been completed, we will provide you with a detailed and fully-customized social media strategy. The social media strategy will include tips for the type and frequency of posts as well as which platforms you should operate in and why.
  • Social media guidelines for your staff—Many small businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time social media manager, so oftentimes internet marketing falls on someone who perhaps lacks some of the training and experience necessary to make their social media marketing worth the time and effort. That’s where we can help! We’ll provide a customized guide and in-person training for your staff that will be easy to implement regardless of the person’s skill or experience level.

This will include:

  • When and where to post
  • What types of posts will convert fans into customers
  • Which hashtags and keywords to use to boost engagement
  • What tools to use to maximize efficiency
  • Tips for advertising on social media
  • Hot measure the ROI of your postings and ads
  • Blogging tips and how to optimize content for SEO

Social Media Consulting Price: $700

Extras we can provide:

  • Social media account setup—We can help you setup your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Customized images—As part of our social media setup/revamp, we can provide branded, profile and cover photos to be used on Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.
  • SEO and content marketing trainings—Want to know what steps you need to take to get your website ranking in Google and other search engines? We provide beginner SEO trainings for those needing help getting started. Our content marketing strategies show you how to use SEO and social media content to convert your followers into repeat customers.

What to COnsider WHen Hiring a Social Media COnsultant:

Often times when you do a google search for “social media consulting”, you’ll find two different types of professionals: An internet marketing agency or a “social media guru”. Neither of these are ideal.

Here’s why:

Why you should avoid hiring an “internet marketing company”—Most established internet marketing agencies likely started off strictly as SEO or PR companies and later branched out into social media marketing and content marketing in order to diversify and grow their business. Thus, social media marketing is likely just one of many services they offer and isn’t something they specialize in. If you decide to hire an internet marketing company or PR firm to handle your social media, make sure to find out where they got their start. This will tell you where their passion lies.

Also, ask the following questions:

  • Who handles your social media strategy? Do you have a dedicated social media manager on staff?
  • Who will be handling the day to day postings on my account? What is their background and experience level?

You want to make sure you aren’t handing off your accounts to an intern or inexperienced assistant.

Why you should hesitate before hiring a “social media guru”—Frequently, a “social media guru” can only assist with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram marketing and has no formal background or training in other areas of internet marketing, such as SEO. Even if you aren’t looking for help with your SEO or content marketing, you should hire a social media marketing consultant who has a working knowledge of both. These days, social media marketing does not operate on an island, and it’s important your consultant understands where social and SEO intersect and how they can affect one another.

If you are going to hire a “guru”, ask these questions first:

  • What specific tools and software do you use to measure the ROI of your posts?
  • What do you know about SEO and how social media can help (and hurt) it?
  • Can you show me specific past examples of how you’ve used social media to increase leads and sales?

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THE SOLUTION: Hire a company whose speciality is social media marketing

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By hiring a company whose sole focus is social media marketing, you’ll be ensuring a level of deep knowledge and expertise that you won’t find when hiring an advertising agency that offers social media management as a side service.

At Skylark Media, we eat, breathe and sleep social! We were founded as a social media marketing company and social remains our #1 focus. While we can offer other services, such as SEO or web development, those aren’t extras we actively promote.

We prefer to stick to what we love: Marketing across the social web!

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