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Got a big event coming up? Don’t leave the social media management to the interns! Let the professionals help.

As tech-savvy and well-meaning as your intern may be, he or she likely won’t have the adequate experience to provide professional and effective social media event coverage. Proper event promotion takes strategy and the marketing, photography and writing skills that only people who work full time as social media managers can provide.

Why YouR Business Needs Social Media Event Coverage:

Hosting or sponsoring an event without the proper promotion on social media is like baking a delicious birthday cake and then forgetting to add the icing! You’re missing out on an extremely effective PR opportunity that when done right, can lead to important relationship development, potentially massive brand exposure and even lead generation.

Outsourcing Leaves You and Your Team Free to Focus on What You Do Best

Proper social media event coverage can be extremely time consuming. Many businesses simply do not have the time or resources to stop what they’re doing to post on Twitter and Facebook several times an hour. And even if they do have the time, they often don’t have a staff person with the proper skill set to make the effort and cost worth it.

When you hire an experienced social media consultant to cover your event, he or she will be able to roam the arena and interact with event attendees (both in person and on social media) and make sure your brand is seen across all major digital platforms. This will ensure you and your team have one less thing to think about; you can now focus on networking or managing your booth. Plus, as your social media consultant will be moonlighting as a representative of your company, you’ll have an added person on the convention floor to spread the word about your business.

SKylarK media provides the following event Coverage services:

  • A comprehensive social media event promotion strategy—This will include detailed instructions for staff members and/or volunteers participating in your event or conference.
  • Social media promotion prior to the event—If desired, we will help promote your event via social media in the days or weeks leading up to your event; generating buzz and interacting with key players and participants.
  • Live social media coverage—At least one of our social media consultants will be on hand throughout your event or convention to post live updates to your brand’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, which will include photos and videos. Our social media consultant will also engage on social media (and in real life) with other event attendees, re-sharing content and making use of event and branded hashtags.
  • Professional photography and videography services—We will take professional-quaility photos and videos throughout the event—content that you will be emailed after the event.
  • Daily blog post recaps—At the end of the event, we will compile a recap of the event and create a fun and photo-heavy blog post that you can publish on your website and share with your followers. If your event is over a several day period, we will provide a blog post at the end of each day.
  • Event performance recap + reporting—We will provide a detailed performance recap at the end of the event, which will highlight any leads and networking opportunities your staff should follow up with.

Examples of the Events We’ve Covered:

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Examples of social media event coverage

Tweeting event examples

The Road to Recovery 5K in San Francisco

When: May 2016

Where: Crissy Field in San Francisco, California

What: Provided live tweet and Facebook postings, photo and video services, press releases and blog posts.

A Hillary Clinton Campaign Event

Hillary Clinton event coverage

When: January 2016

Where: A nonprofit culinary school in Las Vegas

What: Provided live tweet, Facebook and Instagram postings, photography and a blog post recap

Available to Cover Events in Cities Across the US

Although our business is based out of Las Vegas, we are available to cover events in:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • The New York City Metropolitan Area
  • Orlando, Florida.
  • Las Vegas

Okay, we’re interested! But How much will this Cost?

Our current rates are:
$1,000.00 (Flat rate).

This includes all prep work, strategy, full event coverage, and post event performance reporting. Requests that fall outside of the scope of work outlined above (such as press release distribution or staff trainings) will be billed as additional costs. Clients must cover any event entry fees for our social media consultants and these arrangements must be made prior to the event. The $1,000 flat rate is the general rate for one, full-day  (8 hour) event coverage (plus pre and post event prep and follow up). For half-day or multi-day events, please contact us so that we may provide a customized quote.

For all questions or to learn more, please contact Reannon at 702-970-2306 or sales@skylarkmediaconsultants.com.

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