Personalized Social Media Management

Skylark Media Consultants provides personalized and comprehensive social media management in Las Vegas and across the United States. Whatever your industry, we can help!

Our social media management style  can be described in two words: Thorough and precise. We are meticulous in our research and take the time to ensure we have a full grasp of the intricacies of each client’s business before we start work. We are also careful to make very calculated moves; making sure we analyze what actions competitors are taking and ensuring we communicate with clients throughout the creative process.

We specialize in social media Management for the Following Industries:

  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Culinary
  • Nonprofits
  • Local Las Vegas businesses
travel quote social media post

An example post from Taken by the Wind’s Facebook page (nearly 14,000 likes and 6 percent engagement rate).

Why Sklark Media is The best choice For Your Small Business:

  • Personalized work—We fully customize all of our work to fit each client’s individual needs and industry (no auto postings, ever).
  • A collaborative process—We believe social media management is a collaborative process. We work with clients to ensure every blog post or infographic meets their standards as well as ours.
  • Experienced “viral content” producers—Although Skylark Media Consultants is a relatively new company, our team members are experienced and skilled in the art of content and social media marketing.
  • Affordable pricing—We are extremely reasonably priced. Our rates are the most affordable in the US.
  • Weekend and evening social monitoring—We also post and respond to comments and retweets on the weekends, ensuring each of our clients achieve a  24/7 presence on the social web.
  • We will blog for you, too!—Most social media marketing companies will only create social media posts, but we believe written website content (in the form of blog posts) is vitally important for both social media and SEO, so we provide blogging (“content marketing”) services as part all of our social media packages.

The Best Work at a Reasonable Rate: Starting at Just $500 Per Month!

Although we work with clients to fit their individual budgets and goals (please email or call and for a customized estimate), we’ve found that most programs require a minimum of three to five hours per week in order to be successful (or approximately 12-20 hours per month). Thus, our rates generally start at $500 per month.

What does $500 per month include?

  • Daily social media postings
  • Daily interaction and engagement with industry thought leaders as well as current and future customers
  • Two blog posts per month (this will help drive traffic to your site and increase brand loyalty)
  • Social media optimization for all of your platforms so that search engines and potential customers will better be able to find your posts

Services Available to Businesses in Las Vegas and Around the World

Although our company is based out of Las Vegas, because we’re a digital business, we’re able to assist companies across the globe. We work nights and weekends to ensure we’re able to reach customers in their time zone.


For more information about our rates and services or to learn about social media marketing, please call 702-970-2306 or email We look forward to speaking with you!